Synopsis: In this exercise, attendees will learn to utilize the Log Analytics feature of Azure to create Power BI Reports.

Task 1: Export a Power Query formula from Log Analytics

  1. Select Monitor, then select Log Analytics.In the Azure Portal, Monitor and Log Analytics are both selected.
  2. Select All collected data.In Log Analytics, under A few more queries to try, All collected data is selected.
  3. Update the search textbox to be search * | where Type == “SecurityDetection.

    NOTE: If you wanted to see things that were specific from your IP address you can add | where ExtendedProperties contains “X.X.X.X” to the query.

  4. Select the Run button.
  5. In the Log Search dialog, select the Power BI link.In the Log Search dialog box, the PowerBI link is selected.
  6. Select Open, a text document with the Power Query M Language will be displayed.
  7. Follow the instructions in the document to execute the query in Power BI.Instructions for how to execute the query in Power BI display.
  8. Close Power BI.