Microsoft Cognitive Services is a set of intelligence APIs that you can call from your apps. Among the more than 25 APIs it offers are the Computer Vision API for distilling actionable information from images, the Emotion API for recognizing emotion in images and video, and the Text Analytics API for extracting sentiments and other information from text(for example, Twitter feeds). These APIs make it possible to build smart apps that would have been impossible just a few short years ago. And they’re available for you to begin using today.

In this exercise, you will acquire a subscription key allowing you to call the Computer Vision API from your code. You’ll use this key in a later exercise to generate thumbnails from the images uploaded to the Web site, and to generate captions and search keywords for the images.

1. In the Azure Portal, click + Create a resource, followed by AI + Cognitive Services and Computer Vision API.

2. Enter “Vision API” into the Name box and select F0 as the Pricing tier. Under Resource Group, select Use existing and select the “IntellipixResourceGroup” that you create in Tutorial 1. Check the I confirm box, and click Create.

3. Return to the blade for the “IntellipixResourceGroup” resource group and click the Computer Vision API subscription that you just created.

4. Copy the URL under Endpoint into your favorite text editor so you can easily retrieve it later. Then click Show access keys.

5. Click the Copy button to the right of KEY 1 to copy the access key to clipboard. Then paste the key into your favorite text editor so you can retrieve it later.

The access key that you just copied will be included in each HTTPS request sent to the Computer Vision API so Azure can verify that the caller is authorized. You should protect this access key the same way you protect access keys for storage accounts and other Azure resources.