Please continue from previous tutorial

In this tutorial, you will use the Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer to view the containers you created in previous tutorial.

1. Start Storage Explorer. If you are asked to log in, do so using your Microsoft account – the same one that you used to log in to the Azure Portal. If you are not asked to log in and don’t see the storage account you created in the previous tutorial in Storage Explorer’s left, click Azure Accounts settings button highlighted below, click Add an account, and log in with your Microsoft account.

2. Confirm that the storage account you created in Tutorial 1 appears in the list of storage accounts shown in Storage Explorer. Click the small arrow next to the storage account to display its contents, and then click the arrow next to Blob Containers. Confirm that the containers you created in Tutorial 1 in the list of containers.

The containers are currently empty, but that will change once your app is deployed and you start uploading photos. Having Storage Explorer installed will make it easy for you to see what your app writes to blob storage.